Winstud Academy

Partnering Benefits

Focus on the future prospects

Enhancement in Income

Partnering with Winstud Academy enables the institutions to introduce brilliant courses with international accreditation and acceptance. Our collaboration with Global institutions for certification enhances the prestige and respectability of the partners. There will be tremendous improvement in student enrolment for these courses due to their effectiveness and value.


Winstud Academy provides total support to the partners in the implementation of courses with detailed syllabus, books, guidance, timely examinations and announcement of results and issue of qualifying certificates. Keen on the effective administration of the courses we attend to the problems of the partners and help solve them in no time.

Numerous courses

Winstud Academy has designed and introduced 100+ courses in various disciplines like education, IT Accounting, Fashion Designing, Beauty Management, Interior Designing, Apparel Making, Electronics offering vast potential for large scale student enrolment for the partnering institutions.

Faculty Free Centres

Winstud Online Learning Facility empowers the centres to operate without faculty or conduct specific courses without recruiting faculty members for them. They can fully depend on the highly valued and internationally recognized online courses instituted by Winstud Academy. The Students can use web app, mob app or any other internet device. . The Centres can enroll students for our Online facility which will generate income for them.

Advanced technology for information

The students and centres will receive SMS/E.mail alerts of registration, Exam completions, launching of new courses etc. Along with them are available the tips of the new and trending courses. The courier tracking facility for certificates, books, uniforms, prospectus, promotional materials is also integrated with the programme.

Online exam for offline courses.

The students can access training and classes at Winstud’s study centres and attend examinations online.

Winstud Academy