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Online course publishing

Innovative Education: Online and offline

Institutions and individuals can submit the courses devised by them and Winstud will publish those courses acceptable to us. Such individuals and institutions are entitled to receive royalty to their creation and we will popularize the course using our marketing network, strategy and online facility.


Winstud generates revenue through the online courses and pay a share of the revenue thus generated to the institutions and individuals who devised the courses. They get 10% of the total fee remitted by the students as the royalty. With the popularity of the courses your income also will escalate.


On acceptance of their courses the authors will receive certificates from Winstud recognizing their effort. In addition to that the developer of best course selected from all the courses will be honored with award of the ‘Best Course Developer.’

Social Esteem

The course developers can tremendously contribute to the knowledge sharing and improve the knowledge level of the community. This will enhance the confidence level and feeling of self – importance and social prestige of the Course developer.

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