Winstud, an ISO Certified Institution, will give proper guidance for implementation, promotion and running of the centres by the use of national and international certificates with online centre and student information centre combined with more than 100 courses. Winstud Franchisee can take free admissions and conduct examinations as per their skill and will have the right to suggest new job oriented courses (study materials will be developed by our expert tutor) and study Materials will be available at any time. Franchisee doesn’t have to share tution fee or course fee of students with Head Office and will be able to decide and prescribe own fee structure for courses as per the location. Winstud will give the proper guidance for office management works and will conduct regular quality check up and provide centre start up kit.

Winstud will offer Advertisement through Internet, national and local newspaers. ID Cards, Diploma and certificates are easy to get from the Admin Office as early as possible. We offer training of the faculties to handle theory and lab sessions for basic, advanced and latest courses. High quality course materials designed and prepared by well experienced and certified trainer, will be supplied to the franchisees at a nominal cost.

Winstud will provide below given advertising materials Design and materials with applicable charges:

a. Flex

b. Notice, pamphlet and postures.

c. Brochure

d. Canopy

e. Admission Form as per requirement

f. Course Material

g. Student Bag

h. Sales Promotional Material Formats for Newspapers, Matter for Cable advertisements.

i. Global Advertising and Marketing on Winstud website.